Android Tv Box – What is it?

android tv box

The Android Tv Box came out only a few years ago. Initially it wasn’t has big has it is today. Over the years, developers both on the Android Operating sytem side and the Kodi builds side certainly made it more user friendly. And from there, it was like overnight, the Android Tv Box was in everyones home. Now some people own 3 or 4 of them. Having one in each room. Not sure what kind of internet they have, but I know I couldn’t do it. Even though horrable internet is not the topic today, so lets see what Im trying to get at.

When the Android Tv box first came out it has a basic android firmware on there that rain pretty good for what it was. But that was just the beginning. What had to be done then, was an operating system to be built within that Android Operating system. Thats where Kodi came in the picture. Kodi was small operating system that worked within the Android system, and it enabled its users to download addons stream content for free over the web.

This is where the Android Box went crazy. The Days of going to FreeProjectTv and other websites like that were over. Why search go to one website and search for only there streams, when you could have a device that search multiple websites and found streams from all over. As one technology dies, another was born. And thats when the Android Tv Box really took off.

kodi operating system

Later on throughout the years, Developers at Kodi decided they needed to be a little more on the edge when it comes to just giving the people Kodi Addons. Then they decided to bring Kodi Builds. This was so that people didnt have to install each Kodi addon by itself. They could just install one Kodi Build and it would install hundreds of kodi Addons within that build. This made it extremely easier for the user, and hence the reason Kodi Builds really took off.

So that right there is quick run down on the Android Tv Box, and the operating sytems in it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us via the comments section below. We love hearing from our readers. You can also use the contact page as well.

Thank you for reading.