Best Kodi Addon for 2018

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Whats the best Kodi Addon for 2018? Wow thats a really a hard question to answer, but I’ll try anyway. To start there is no one Kodi Addon that beats them all. It all depends on what you are looking for and the type of show you want to watch. I can break it down for you in sections. So lets Say, Movies, Tv Shows, And Sports.

Best Kodi Addon for Movies

Some of the best Kodi addon for moves are Addons like The Covenant, Exodus, Genesis Reborn, Placenta. The worst thing that I find with these addons is that they all use the same database. So when looking at the selection of movies for example in Covenant, your more then likely going to find all the same streams in Exodus as well. This seems odd and fustrating eh? Yeah thats why I say there is no one addon that is the best. Now sometimes you may find better streams in the Genesis Reborn addon then what you will find in the Placenta addon. But for the most part they are almost the same. So if you choose from the above that I mentioned, you’ll do just find getting the movie you wanted to see.


Best Kodi Addon For Tv Shows

There are so many Kodi Addons for Tv shows, that it makes the decision to choose only a few, very hard. But if I were to name only a few, I would suggest Genesis Reborn, and Bobs Unleashed, Exodus and Placenta. Yeah you hear me right, there almost all the same as the Movie addons. Thats because the developers that are targeting all the great movies, are also targeting all the tv shows as well. You have to understand there is a lot of traffic going on there, so there going to try to get there fingers in there too and get what they can. But If I were to choose from them, I would choose a one of them. You will notice that Bobs Unleashed as almost every TV Show that you can think of. And it has amazing streams. Its one of my favorites when looking for a good tv show stream. Genesis Reborn is also another main one that I use as well.

Best Kodi Addon for Sports

I dont watch a whole lot of sports, but I do have some friends that crazy about sports and know all about it. And I certainly know what Kodi Addon they use. The most used Sports Addon for kodi is SportsDevil. It seems to be the main one that everyone goes to. It covers everything from soccer, to baseball, Hockey, Football, Golf, UFC, and and whole lot more. So if your looking to watch a lot of sports, check out the SportsDevil Addon for kodi. You will lovie it.

That covers the three main topics that we will talk about today. If you do have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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