IPTV in Canada – What to Expect?

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Iptv has finally made it to Canada and its of something that we never thought possible. I once paid a fortune for my regular cable subscription and it almost killed me every month to let all that money go to them for only a few hours of watching television. Netflix then came along and I often thought about cutting the cord, but I found that it was to the same. I wanted to watch Television channels like I previously did on my current cable provider. But it seems as if that wasn’t any option with Netflix.

Then Kodi and Android Tv Boxes hit the Market. These are awesome little boxes and if you dont have one Id suggest that you go get one. It will probably be the best things you ever did in regards to your online streaming and entertainment needs. You can use them for almost anything, ranging from streaming movies, Tv shows, Sporting Events, Cartoons for kids and a whole lot more. You can even stream live tv channels with them. This was one of the main reason that I bought one. I personally liked the idea of free TV channels and not having to pay a fortune every month for it.

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Long story short, I purchased an Android Tv Box. Everything with it was great except the one thing that I wanted. You guessed it right, TV Channels that were live. Don’t get me wrong you can get some Channels that are live and work great. But a lot of the times the channels load so slow, and if there are a lot of people watching at the same time you can expect to be kicked off in a heartbeat.

Yeah I thought this to be a little crappy, but overall for everything else it was great. So then one day my friend told me about IPTV. I thought, well how good can this be. But he said it has been an awesome experience and coached me into trying it out. Bought my first month and WOW I can tell you enough how great this service is. You can over 4600 channels from around the world, and its completely free. I got all the Canadian channels as well, even my local ones. That was something that I really didnt expect. I would have to say that getting IPTV Canada subscription was the best thing that I ever did. You wont go wrong when you buy it. Also, you can count on cutting that cord too. Cause you wont need it. IPTV in Canada will give you everything that you could possibly want.

Anyways, thats enough from me and what IPTV can do. I hope you enjoyed this little write up, and if you debating on getting IPTV then I think you should jump the gun and do it. You will not regret it and worst case scenario your out 10 bucks. Which aint to bad for a monthly subscription eh. Most of us spend that at Tim Hortons daily. Haha. So take this with a grain a salt, but I can honestly say, you will not regret signing up.


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