Kodi Builds – Is it for me?

durex build for kodi

Do I need to install a Kodi Build on my Android Box? The answer to that is yes and no. You can install a Kodi Build if you like simplicity, but you don’t need to. Installing a build just makes it very easy to install multiple kodi addons at one time. Most people choose to install a kodi build, as they would rather not spend countless hours installing hundreds of Kodi addons manually. This is the reason for Kodi Builds.

What Kodi Build Should You Install?

Installing the correct Kodi Build can be a little tough. You can choose from a variety of Builds that all work great in there own way. It usually depends on the quality of the Android box you are using. For example if you have an older android tv box then you might want to install something like the Durex Build. It runs very light and could be used on a variety of different android boxes. It also comes with some really good Kodi Addons.

cellar door infusion build

Now if you have a new Android Box, you could install a build like Cellar door Infusion build.This gives you a nice Netflix feel, but on steroids. It really looks nice graphical wise. However, when having all them graphics it may look nice, but you need a really nice Android Box to run that. Preferably something with at least 3 Gigs of ram and an Octo Core processor.

So yes, installing the a kodi build is a good way to go. I personally choose this way every time. I find it much easier to install hundreds of Kodi addons with just the one click and install. Instead of having to install them one by one manually. I cant even wrap my head around that. So go check out a good Kodi Build. One of the few I mentioned above are great, and you wont go wrong with the Durex Build.