Will Exodus on Kodi be what it used to be?

exodus kodi addon

That’s what is on everyones mind here lately. Will Exodus Addon for Kodi, be as good at what it once was. One time when you thought about Android Tv Boxes and Kodi, the first Addon you thought about was Exodus. Exodus was the main go to Kodi Addon that almost everyone in the world that owned an android box used.

When it came to there database, it was second to none. It had almost every single show that you could think of, including Movies that were just released in theaters to TV Shows that got aired within hours. They kept the Exodus Addon running top notch. Hence the reason they became so famous.

Exodus Kodi Addon Gets SHUT DOWN!

Unfortunately they took a turn for the worst. The Big Ban Hammer started pounding down and the Exodus Kodi addon was right in its path. Then BAM… it happened. Exodus was seized by government officials and shut down. This was  devastating blow to the Kodi community and it certainly hurt folks that depended on the Exodus addon for there streaming needs.

Years have since passed, and most users have moved on to other great Kodi Addons like Placenta, Genesis Reborn, Neptune Rising, and so many others. We heard at some points that Exodus as going to make a come back, as Genesis once did. But nobody knew when.

fbi siezed exodus kodi addon

Exodus is Back & Ready to Stream!

Luckily a little over a year ago, Exodus came back. In flaming colors with all there original database connections that they once had. Will it be the Exodus that it once was? Some say yes, while others say no. But all I know at this point, you can find almost everything you need with the Exodus kodi addon, and even a little bit more. Will they be able to keep this up? Who knows, all I can say is, at least they gave it a shut, and there back up and running. They have great streams, with excellent quality. So there obviously doing something right.

So if you don’t have Exodus Kodi Addon, then you should certainly check them out. Add them to your arsenal of top kodi addons to have.