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So we have all been there. Got pissed off with BELL or Rogers Cable systems with there high bills and just wanted to be rid of those greedy nuts. Yeah I was there too, Bell was my arch nemesis. They drove me crazy with their hour long waits on hold, and in the end nothing ever worked.

Well I have some good news for you today. Have you ever thought about using IPTV Express? Whats is IPTV? You have seen me write many blog post in the past that explained what IPTV is and what you can do with it. But I never got to far into detail on how much it cost and what the setup is like. Most people have no clue how to setup IPTV. They think the setup is incredibly hard and that is far from the truth. I can be on the easiest tech devices you ever setup. Depending on what company you get to do it.

I have went through a lot of different IPTV subscriptions in Canada. Im not sure what or how these things happen, but it seems there are always a ton of scammers in Canada trying to get the digs on someone. A lot of the IPTV Canada companies that I had tried were just down right scams that took my money and ran like the Road Runner.

I was reading a blog one day about Android Boxes, and I seen a related post about IPTV Subscriptions Canada. I was thinking yeah I might give that a read So I did. Low and behold I found an awesome company that offered excellent services. They were like an IPTV Express service that is unheard of in this industry.


iptv express canada

So I gave them a try. I was expecting not to hear from them for a couple weeks, like the rest of the companies. But to my surprise I had an email in less 1 hour. Some guy named Jeff that was setting up my account. So I got him the details he needed, my MAC address. Then within a few minutes he had my account setup and ready to go. I was floored as this is nothing like any other subscription service I have ever had before.

To give you a brief overview of the service. It was downright awesome. There technical support staff are all around great, and super smart at what they do. The service itself is very fast, and does not have any freezing. Now dont get me wrong, sometimes I experienced a few glitches here and there, but I can tolerate that for what Im paying.

So if you are tired of paying those high cables bill and want to join the cord cutters club. Then Id suggest you take a look at the link below. These folks area an all around great IPTV Express Canada company that puts its clients first above all. Well thats it for me, and this post. I hope you enjoyed it and it was very helpful for you.

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Resource: https://bestandroidtvbox.com/iptv-express-canada/

IPTV Subscription So cheap!

iptv stars in toronto

Chances are good that you’re somewhat knowledgeable about iPTV suppliers, even if you never knew it. IPTV stands for internet protocol television, and it simply means that instead of dealing with a cable company or satellite provider, you’re going to get your television programming through the net. Watching movies online works through the same process – that the movie is sent in packets.

IPTV in Toronto Canada – What To Expect?

IPTV providers provide television service straight to your tv, however.How Can iPTV Work?Much like the box which you have for satellite television, iPTV also offers a box that is connected to your television and into a digital satellite link line that brings television programming into your home. And even though you can watch iPTV onto your home pc or notebook, most folks watch television on a regular tv set, not the small screen of their PC.Deciding on an iPTV Toronto Provider Although there are a variety of suppliers of iPTV service, the top three in the USA are AT&T, and Verizon. Keep in mind that this form of service is not available in all states or in all places at the current instant, but the trend to iPTV isn’t something to be overlooked. It’s anticipated that this business will skyrocket in the not too distant future, and it is merely a matter of time before it will be widely available everywhere.

iptv toronto channel lineup

Rates for iPTV throughout AT&T vary from around fifty dollars to over a hundred dollars each month, and there are customizable bundles available from this provider. In the event you decide to utilize high definition (HD), you may pay extra for the payoff (approximately ten bucks).If you go with Verizon’s FiOS TV, then you’ll have access to over two hundred stations, with the major movie channels and a good choice of international channels, in addition to multi-room charge of DVR support. Packages operate around forty dollars a month but vary according to your location.When choosing an iPTV supplier, the clearest consideration for you’ll be availability in your region.

And The Results? 

Choose a supplier that offers that channels and features that interest you and your family which makes sense for the budget prior to committing yourself to a lengthy contract with an iPTV provider. These services [http://webinarprovidersinfo.com] need to be in a position to provide you whatever you want and much more in programming and service.

IPTV in Canada – What to Expect?

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Iptv has finally made it to Canada and its of something that we never thought possible. I once paid a fortune for my regular cable subscription and it almost killed me every month to let all that money go to them for only a few hours of watching television. Netflix then came along and I often thought about cutting the cord, but I found that it was to the same. I wanted to watch Television channels like I previously did on my current cable provider. But it seems as if that wasn’t any option with Netflix.

Then Kodi and Android Tv Boxes hit the Market. These are awesome little boxes and if you dont have one Id suggest that you go get one. It will probably be the best things you ever did in regards to your online streaming and entertainment needs. You can use them for almost anything, ranging from streaming movies, Tv shows, Sporting Events, Cartoons for kids and a whole lot more. You can even stream live tv channels with them. This was one of the main reason that I bought one. I personally liked the idea of free TV channels and not having to pay a fortune every month for it.

iptv canada screenshot

Long story short, I purchased an Android Tv Box. Everything with it was great except the one thing that I wanted. You guessed it right, TV Channels that were live. Don’t get me wrong you can get some Channels that are live and work great. But a lot of the times the channels load so slow, and if there are a lot of people watching at the same time you can expect to be kicked off in a heartbeat.

Yeah I thought this to be a little crappy, but overall for everything else it was great. So then one day my friend told me about IPTV. I thought, well how good can this be. But he said it has been an awesome experience and coached me into trying it out. Bought my first month and WOW I can tell you enough how great this service is. You can over 4600 channels from around the world, and its completely free. I got all the Canadian channels as well, even my local ones. That was something that I really didnt expect. I would have to say that getting IPTV Canada subscription was the best thing that I ever did. You wont go wrong when you buy it. Also, you can count on cutting that cord too. Cause you wont need it. IPTV in Canada will give you everything that you could possibly want.

Anyways, thats enough from me and what IPTV can do. I hope you enjoyed this little write up, and if you debating on getting IPTV then I think you should jump the gun and do it. You will not regret it and worst case scenario your out 10 bucks. Which aint to bad for a monthly subscription eh. Most of us spend that at Tim Hortons daily. Haha. So take this with a grain a salt, but I can honestly say, you will not regret signing up.


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Will Exodus on Kodi be what it used to be?

exodus kodi addon

That’s what is on everyones mind here lately. Will Exodus Addon for Kodi, be as good at what it once was. One time when you thought about Android Tv Boxes and Kodi, the first Addon you thought about was Exodus. Exodus was the main go to Kodi Addon that almost everyone in the world that owned an android box used.

When it came to there database, it was second to none. It had almost every single show that you could think of, including Movies that were just released in theaters to TV Shows that got aired within hours. They kept the Exodus Addon running top notch. Hence the reason they became so famous.

Exodus Kodi Addon Gets SHUT DOWN!

Unfortunately they took a turn for the worst. The Big Ban Hammer started pounding down and the Exodus Kodi addon was right in its path. Then BAM… it happened. Exodus was seized by government officials and shut down. This was  devastating blow to the Kodi community and it certainly hurt folks that depended on the Exodus addon for there streaming needs.

Years have since passed, and most users have moved on to other great Kodi Addons like Placenta, Genesis Reborn, Neptune Rising, and so many others. We heard at some points that Exodus as going to make a come back, as Genesis once did. But nobody knew when.

fbi siezed exodus kodi addon

Exodus is Back & Ready to Stream!

Luckily a little over a year ago, Exodus came back. In flaming colors with all there original database connections that they once had. Will it be the Exodus that it once was? Some say yes, while others say no. But all I know at this point, you can find almost everything you need with the Exodus kodi addon, and even a little bit more. Will they be able to keep this up? Who knows, all I can say is, at least they gave it a shut, and there back up and running. They have great streams, with excellent quality. So there obviously doing something right.

So if you don’t have Exodus Kodi Addon, then you should certainly check them out. Add them to your arsenal of top kodi addons to have.


Best Kodi Addon for 2018

exodus addon

Whats the best Kodi Addon for 2018? Wow thats a really a hard question to answer, but I’ll try anyway. To start there is no one Kodi Addon that beats them all. It all depends on what you are looking for and the type of show you want to watch. I can break it down for you in sections. So lets Say, Movies, Tv Shows, And Sports.

Best Kodi Addon for Movies

Some of the best Kodi addon for moves are Addons like The Covenant, Exodus, Genesis Reborn, Placenta. The worst thing that I find with these addons is that they all use the same database. So when looking at the selection of movies for example in Covenant, your more then likely going to find all the same streams in Exodus as well. This seems odd and fustrating eh? Yeah thats why I say there is no one addon that is the best. Now sometimes you may find better streams in the Genesis Reborn addon then what you will find in the Placenta addon. But for the most part they are almost the same. So if you choose from the above that I mentioned, you’ll do just find getting the movie you wanted to see.


Best Kodi Addon For Tv Shows

There are so many Kodi Addons for Tv shows, that it makes the decision to choose only a few, very hard. But if I were to name only a few, I would suggest Genesis Reborn, and Bobs Unleashed, Exodus and Placenta. Yeah you hear me right, there almost all the same as the Movie addons. Thats because the developers that are targeting all the great movies, are also targeting all the tv shows as well. You have to understand there is a lot of traffic going on there, so there going to try to get there fingers in there too and get what they can. But If I were to choose from them, I would choose a one of them. You will notice that Bobs Unleashed as almost every TV Show that you can think of. And it has amazing streams. Its one of my favorites when looking for a good tv show stream. Genesis Reborn is also another main one that I use as well.

Best Kodi Addon for Sports

I dont watch a whole lot of sports, but I do have some friends that crazy about sports and know all about it. And I certainly know what Kodi Addon they use. The most used Sports Addon for kodi is SportsDevil. It seems to be the main one that everyone goes to. It covers everything from soccer, to baseball, Hockey, Football, Golf, UFC, and and whole lot more. So if your looking to watch a lot of sports, check out the SportsDevil Addon for kodi. You will lovie it.

That covers the three main topics that we will talk about today. If you do have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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Kodi Builds – Is it for me?

durex build for kodi

Do I need to install a Kodi Build on my Android Box? The answer to that is yes and no. You can install a Kodi Build if you like simplicity, but you don’t need to. Installing a build just makes it very easy to install multiple kodi addons at one time. Most people choose to install a kodi build, as they would rather not spend countless hours installing hundreds of Kodi addons manually. This is the reason for Kodi Builds.

What Kodi Build Should You Install?

Installing the correct Kodi Build can be a little tough. You can choose from a variety of Builds that all work great in there own way. It usually depends on the quality of the Android box you are using. For example if you have an older android tv box then you might want to install something like the Durex Build. It runs very light and could be used on a variety of different android boxes. It also comes with some really good Kodi Addons.

cellar door infusion build

Now if you have a new Android Box, you could install a build like Cellar door Infusion build.This gives you a nice Netflix feel, but on steroids. It really looks nice graphical wise. However, when having all them graphics it may look nice, but you need a really nice Android Box to run that. Preferably something with at least 3 Gigs of ram and an Octo Core processor.

So yes, installing the a kodi build is a good way to go. I personally choose this way every time. I find it much easier to install hundreds of Kodi addons with just the one click and install. Instead of having to install them one by one manually. I cant even wrap my head around that. So go check out a good Kodi Build. One of the few I mentioned above are great, and you wont go wrong with the Durex Build.


Android Tv Box – What is it?

android tv box

The Android Tv Box came out only a few years ago. Initially it wasn’t has big has it is today. Over the years, developers both on the Android Operating sytem side and the Kodi builds side certainly made it more user friendly. And from there, it was like overnight, the Android Tv Box was in everyones home. Now some people own 3 or 4 of them. Having one in each room. Not sure what kind of internet they have, but I know I couldn’t do it. Even though horrable internet is not the topic today, so lets see what Im trying to get at.

When the Android Tv box first came out it has a basic android firmware on there that rain pretty good for what it was. But that was just the beginning. What had to be done then, was an operating system to be built within that Android Operating system. Thats where Kodi came in the picture. Kodi was small operating system that worked within the Android system, and it enabled its users to download addons stream content for free over the web.

This is where the Android Box went crazy. The Days of going to FreeProjectTv and other websites like that were over. Why search go to one website and search for only there streams, when you could have a device that search multiple websites and found streams from all over. As one technology dies, another was born. And thats when the Android Tv Box really took off.

kodi operating system

Later on throughout the years, Developers at Kodi decided they needed to be a little more on the edge when it comes to just giving the people Kodi Addons. Then they decided to bring Kodi Builds. This was so that people didnt have to install each Kodi addon by itself. They could just install one Kodi Build and it would install hundreds of kodi Addons within that build. This made it extremely easier for the user, and hence the reason Kodi Builds really took off.

So that right there is quick run down on the Android Tv Box, and the operating sytems in it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us via the comments section below. We love hearing from our readers. You can also use the contact page as well.

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